Diversity and Corporate Compliance: Affirmative Action Goes Meta

The Grey Enigma

Most major colleges have some sort of Diversity™, minority or multicultural department in charge of making people of color (POC) feel comfortable and providing opportunities for them to network. Alternatively, they serve as beachheads in the university system for the ongoing White dispossession of the United States, helping to bring in greater numbers of non-whites than their educational attainment or cognitive abilities often merit, e.g. through affirmative action and ethnic nepotism. Of course, no such institutions exist for White students, nor would they be allowed to. Diversity™, the presence of less White people, is just so inherently good and beneficial to an organization that it requires a makework bureaucracy to make it happen and enforce its continued presence.

In recent years, Diversity™ initiatives have breached the business world and now many companies—both high-revenue and startup—are literally creating jobs for the sake of Diversity™. Sorry goyim, you need to share your……

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Diversity and Corporate Compliance: Affirmative Action Goes Meta

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