Reince? Ben Carson Hasn’t Heard From You

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reince-priebusIt’s way too early for me to settle on a candidate in the 2016 primary race. But it’s things like this that make me want to vote for Ben Carson, just to piss off the racist liberals who are trying to silence him.

Canadian actor marginally talented recipient of U.S. and generosity, Seth Rogen, via Jim Treacher: (Warning: Offensive Language)

For Some Reason, Seth Rogen Doesn’t Like The Idea Of A Black President

In case he sobers up and deletes that:


[Read Treacher Here]

For seven years it has been the default position of the Hollywood Left, that anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama is racist.

However, this week we learned that a liberal African American professor can strike out with a disgusting racial epithet, and not be held accountable by her Ivy League employers…

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Reince? Ben Carson Hasn’t Heard From You

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