Three Months Gone By…

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And Bill Schmalfeldt is still a creepy stalking asshole.

I occasionally catch up on the ongoing career of Bill Schmalfeldt, Creepy Stalking Asshole Extraordinaire, but I’ve little drive to actually comment.  Tincasas may change to man-caves, soul-mates may shuffle off this mortal coil and be memorialized within tacky timepieces… but the Creepy Stalking Asshole never changes his schtick of Creepy Stalking Assholery.

Bill Schmalfeldt has e-mailed Dave of Dave Alexander & Company — Ukuleledave and David Edgren


Dave, Dave, Dave.

This is not a threat. This is advice.

It is not a good idea for a professional broadcaster to allow his blog to be used by retarded fuckwits to make untrue, unsubstantiated and definitely defamatory claims about people.

A GOOD moderator would know better than to place his livelihood at risk for people that don’t care about him.

Stay in touch.

Yeah, the references to “profession” and “livelihood at risk”…

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Three Months Gone By…

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