Brett Kimberlin – The Facts (a continuing series)

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This is the first in a planned series of posts- well, posters, actually- about one Brett Coleman Kimberlin, who is currently a resident of Bethesda, Maryland, and who would have you, these days, believe that he is just a simple family-oriented progressive activist living somewhere near the poverty line while he does his good works.  He feels so strongly about maintaining this image that he has sued numerous folks in the blogosphere for daring to say otherwise.  We’ve commented in this blog about this practice of “shutuppery” and we make no secret that we’re against it in general terms.  What Kimberlin has done, though, is taken shutuppery to a whole new level- even though his past is a perfectly legitimate topic for public discussion and condemnation (he is, after all, a notorious public figure, and largely so as a direct result of his own choices over the years) he has…

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Brett Kimberlin – The Facts (a continuing series)

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