Will New Copyright Laws End Drudge Report?

Regular Right Guy

matt-drudgeThey might, according to the Father of Aggregate Journalism, Matt Drudge. If our legislators in Washington, on both side of the aisle, have their way there would arguably be no more Instapundit, Hot Air, Real Clear Politics, Gateway Pundit, or hundreds of other aggregate news sites we enjoy reading everyday.

In fact, under possible new restrictions to Fair Use laws, bush league bloggers like Regular Right Guy most likely would not even be allowed to use small portions of this story and share my opinion with you about it.

Okay, so you won’t miss me; no need to be rude!

But read this anyway.

Kerry Picket, TheDC:

WASHINGTON — Congress may update digital copyright law affecting aggregator sites, like the Drudge Report and Real Clear Politics, along with news sites in the near future.

“Two years ago, the House Judiciary Committee launched a comprehensive review of…

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Will New Copyright Laws End Drudge Report?

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