Benghazi Hero Sean Smith’s Mother Explodes on Andrea Mitchell

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Screen-Shot-2015-10-26-at-6.55.36-PM-1024x578It’s always difficult for me to watch Patricia Smith because she has fought such a heartbreaking and fruitless battle to get answers for her non-combatant son, Sean’s, tragic death on that horrendous night on 9-11-2011 in Benghazi.

Here she is being schooled by MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on why Sean had to die.

Smith: I think they should have covered his back… there were people that were available… they were told to stand down… until three brave men disobeyed orders…

Mitchell: I know there’s been a lot of dispute… but the fact is the closest military was hours and hours away…

Smith: [It took] nine hours for this thing to be over.Somebody should be able to go there… You can’t understand, you just can’t understand!

Neither do we.

And the only one who does has perhaps already provided us with the best answer we will ever get…


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Benghazi Hero Sean Smith’s Mother Explodes on Andrea Mitchell

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