CNBC is a Cable Business Channel

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Republican Presidential Candidates Hold Third Debate In ColoradoUPDATE: BEN CARSON CALLS OF CHANGE IN FORMAT!!!

I just thought I would mention that.

And last night those of us who haven’t even thought of CNBC in 20 years remembered why we deserted it just as soon as there was an available alternative.

But here is a short refresher.

Okay, the entire GOP field had a good night, and we all knew that any NBC brand would be biased.

But why was Reince Priebus shocked?

What, he didn’t see this coming?

Scheduling CNBC for a debate had to be the dumbest move the RNC has made since Michael Steele bused Young Republicans to a lesbian sex show.

For years I have been asking a dumb question. It must be dumb because no one else is asking it. Okay, Roger L. Simondid asked it in 2012, but no one took him seriously either.

Why does the RNC continue to…

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CNBC is a Cable Business Channel

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