El Rushbo Sums it Up: Why the Liberal Media Lies

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Rush-LimbaughRush did a great piece in National Review this week you should read if you haven’t already.

NRO’s Limbaugh exclusive tells about his rise to become the first conservative media icon and how the MSM became the Democratic Party front office.


º In 1993, while aboard Air Force One, President Clinton called my St. Louis affiliate, KMOX, to complain that I had three hours each day on the radio and that there was no truth-detector responding to me….

º In 1995, [Bill] Clinton, in a national address, tried to blame me for the Oklahoma City bombing. …

º In 2007, Senate majority leader Harry Reid asked that my syndicator … make me apologize for calling a phony soldier a phony soldier. … I auctioned it on eBay [for charity] as proof of a United States senator’s attempt to bully a private citizen for exercising his freedom of speech. ……

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El Rushbo Sums it Up: Why the Liberal Media Lies

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