Obama in Paris: Mass Shootings Only Happen in U.S.

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president-barack-obama-winksMaybe inside the bubble where Barack Obama lives the Paris ISSI attacks of a couple weeks ago didn’t happen, or Charlie Hebdo or Denmark or any one of more than a dozen other mass shootings in Europe in recent years.

But I doubt it.

More than likely, as Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz and TheDC’s Jim Treacher point out, lying about America, even when everyone knows he’s lying, just doesn’t bother Barack Obama.

Add the fact that this president thinks climate talks are a powerful rebuke to the exponentially expanding Islamist jihad on the entire free world, and I’m thinking Joe Biden has good grounds for enacting the 25th Amendment here.

But the real kicker for me is that there are still Americans who don’t realize how completely bat$#!+ crazy this man is.


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Obama in Paris: Mass Shootings Only Happen in U.S.

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