Derp Brain Radio Is Back

What a looney maroon!


The Cabin Boy™ is issuing demands again.dbr201512102344ZSchmalfeldt is off chasing a wild goose that he hopes will lead to evidence that Eric Johnson is the person who ratted him out to Microsoft and caused his Outlook account to be suspended. He has no evidence other than his hallucinations connecting Eric to the suspension, but facts are never an impediment to the Cabin Boy’s crackpot conclusions.

Point 1 of the list of demand is on an earlier tweet. The Cabin Boy™ demands evidence that he tweeted child porn. I can’t speak to that or to sending malware. I can provide evidence of what appears to be a use of that Outlook account for an illegal purpose—copyright theft. For example, on 24 November, 2015, at 00:32 UTC, I received an email from the account dealing with his efforts to get his book Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll reinstated with CreateSpace and…

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Derp Brain Radio Is Back

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