Obama: On Honing Those Communication Skills

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president-barack-obama-winksAfter seven + years in office and trillions in taxpayer dollars down the drain, the President is still pointing out the one teensy-weensy little flaw in his character that he maybe hasn’t sharpened up enough.


President Obama frequently blames his policy problems on messaging rather than inherent flaws, a new SuperCut shows.

When he comes under fire for issues ranging from his Islamic State strategy to Obamacare, Obama fights off criticism by telling the public that the policies themselves are good, but they just haven’t been communicated properly.

Here are eight times when Obama blamed his failing policies on poor messaging, going all the way back to 2010. [read it]

So he has the victory lap part down.

What is Barack Obama actually saying in this litany of excuses for his administration’s failures? Isn’t he really saying that the American people are just too dumb to get…

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Obama: On Honing Those Communication Skills

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