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The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has spent quite a bit of time explaining to his reader about how he was going to drag various out-of-state defendants into court, first in Maryland and now in Wisconsin. How’s that worked out for him?

Not so well.

He wasn’t able to drag Stacy McCain, Nancy Gilly, Paul Lemmen, Bettina Haper, Chris Heather, Kyle Kieran, Kimberly Dykes, Stephen Shekio, or Paul Krendler into Maryland for LOLsuit I. He couldn’t even get me, a Maryland resident, into court for that one because he threw in the towel after only two days.

I was able to get him into court and and an alternate dispute resolution meeting for LOLsuit II. That case settled with my giving him nothing of the $3,000,000 counterclaim he filed and his agreeing to take down his material that infringed my copyrights.

He didn’t get to drag Eric Johnson, Paul Krendler, or Howard Earl into…

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

An Email


I received this email on Thursday evening.

From: “” <>
Subject: An Explanation?
Date: January 14, 2016 at 9:26:59 PM CST

Mr. Hoge:

I’m wondering if you would oblige me with an explanation. This blank file is saved in your SCRIBD account. I have two questions which are in vital need of an answer from you.

[embedded images reproduced below]

1. Are you concerned about my mental well-being, or is this just another example of harassment from you?

2. Was this form filled out and mailed, or did you just leave it in your SCRIBD folder for shits and grins?

Given that I am the only person you know that lives in Wisconsin, at the moment, I am taking this as a serious threat that requires a serious response on my part. So, I am hoping you will take a moment to oblige me with an answer explaining…

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An Email

Interesting Site Searches


One of my most frequent visitors here at Hogewash! has been conducting some interesting searches on the site. His favorite search was for the paired words

peace + order

He has also searched

Schmalfeldt + wife

The search on that last word pair turned up 5 different Team Kimberlin Post of the Day entries as well as these posts—

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It’s nice to see that my older posts hold up well enough that folks still want to read them.

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Interesting Site Searches