Two Popular Weapons…

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…in the Bill Schmalfeldt arsenal which should be pointed out frequently.

  1. Stretching the truth ’till it breaks.
  2. Hoping to scare people about giving testimony.

Neither ever work, but here is a great example of both:


This tweet was edited to remove a hashtag insult inserted by Bill.

First of All, Sarah does not have a restraining order against Bill Schmalfeldt.  Here is the header (and I did not include Bill’s address) and the official title is on the right in all caps.

BILL ORDERSecondly, on a purely statistical basis, Sarah is never likely to face the withering interrogation skills of Bill Schmalfeldt.  She is much more likely to have the entire mess dropped or dismissed with prejudice.

There is zero chance some tidbit of a rumor from Sarah’s life will be a subject in an examination by Bill. (Did everybody get a chill by those last three words?)  Bill is…

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Two Popular Weapons…

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