Last Night’s Debate Said Volumes!

Desert Musings

Has the table started to turn for the Republicans? For about nine months now, the pundits have all said that sooner or later, Donald Trump would fall and it would be a deadly mistake that did him in. One week ahead of the South Carolina primary, in which Trump has a significant lead, the GOP had a debate. And it was not a pretty picture by all accounts. It was a friggin’ bloodbath.

Donald Trump reassumed the role of snarky attack dog at this debate, trying to put Jeb! Bush away time and time again. The only difference is, Bush was ready this time, and had some rather stinging barbs to throw back at The Donald. Throughout the debate Trump came across as mean, almost sinister, while others looked a LOT more presidential. No, this debate was not Donald Trump’s finest hour. I almost expected him to drop a few…

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Last Night’s Debate Said Volumes!

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