Awww, he doesn’t have to wait…

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…until never, which is when Mr. Schmalfeldt’s current lawsuit against Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson will go to trial.

If this goes to court 800px


hard copy proof 800px

I’ll help my friend out right now.

This one

Billy Sez All you've done is make me 614x900

came from here.

Tweet - All you've done

But, oh gee.  It isn’t really Sarah Palmer’s job to provide Mr. Schmalfeldt with documentary evidence that is under Mr. Schmalfeldt’s control.  He created the tweets, he posted them on his twitter feeds.  If he hadn’t deleted them, or closed the handle associated with the feed, or caused twitter to terminate his account why, he’d have them right at hand, wouldn’t he?  It’s my opinion that it would be burdensome and likely not upheld by the court for Mr. Schmalfeldt to demand that Sarah Palmer produce something that should really be up to him.

can you say 800px

So I won’t be that helpful.  If Mr. Schmalfeldt wants context, he might want to engage in some self-examination.  Just sayin’.

Oh, and…

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Awww, he doesn’t have to wait…

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