The Left Used to Stand for “Human Rights”

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The American left used to care about human rights.  I remember a lot of talk in the 1970’s from the left about the lack of freedoms in the Soviet Union.  Of course, the left claims ownership of all civil rights era progress — regardless of the clear evidence that southern Democrats were against race reforms.

Today the American left seems to have flipped upside down.  Once interested in free speech for all, they now wish to quiet anything they can label as “hate speech.”

The worst of it all is the silence about Sharia.

Simply put, Sharia and Islam enslaves women and girls in the Islamic communities — in the east and west.  This should be a no-brainer for the left.  But too many have taken the wrong side.  Dare to speak against Sharia or Islam, and the standard-bearers of the left will call you a hate group.  This has…

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The Left Used to Stand for “Human Rights”

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