Brett Kimberlin is Still a Liar

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John Hoge reports that Brett Kimberlin has written a letter of support for Bill Schmalfeldt, in his attempt to get Aaron Walker kicked off Bill’s latest case.

It includes this gem:


Aaron Walker dealt with this before here.

I know I’ve posted on this before.  Aaron Walker has video of the “incident.”  The video is shot in one frame per two seconds, so it doesn’t show everything but a judge has already ruled that an assault did not occur.

My dad would hate to have raised a kid who would go to an emergency room just to lie about an assault.  Worse yet, spend years telling people he went to the hospital for a contusion, back pain and “possible concussion” from an assault that never happened.  Did they diagnose a concussion?  No.  None caused by Aaron Walker.


UPDATE: And what is this crap about informing the judge about Walker’s…

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Brett Kimberlin is Still a Liar

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