Baffled and Befuddled, Attorneys at Law

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John Hoge has published the latest pro se legal documents in the Bill Schmalfeldt vs. Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson debacle.  Gotta take a deep, deep breath here.

One of the documents is a response to an Opposition to the document requesting that the court kick Aaron Walker off the case.  Due to the difficulty I had with the LSAT, I’m not a lawyer, but here’s my view: Bill files a paper to kick Aaron off the case.  Aaron files an Opposition.  Now, Bill files the document here.

So, the court has to decide if Aaron can serve as Eric and Sarah’s attorney.  Writes Bill:


Another deep breath.

Bill is the one who brought up the idea of disqualifying Aaron, and it is Bill that started the paperwork blizzard.  Hell, Bill filed the dog of a lawsuit.

The very simple issue before the court is in fact: Does Aaron Walker…

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Baffled and Befuddled, Attorneys at Law

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