Team Kimberlin Post of the Day


If the Cabin Boy™ ever actually reads the reply filed yesterday by the defendants in his LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, he should have noticed paragraphs 21 and 22.

21. The Plaintiff claims that undersigned counsel wishes to “re-litigate his years-long courtroom battle with non-party Brett Kimberlin.” Opposition to MTS ¶ 1. This is a strange accusation for two reasons. First, Mr. Kimberlin has lost four attempts to criminalize counsel’s expression and peaceable representation of clients and has lost three ordinary civil suits and two Peace Order actions. Why would counsel wish to re-litigate these victories?

22. Second, it seems that the Plaintiff is more interested in re-litigating a matter twice closed by estoppel: whether counsel assaulted Mr. Kimberlin. To attempt to rebut counsel’s evidence on this matter and the determination of two courts, the Plaintiff offers hearsay within hearsay by an unidentified writer, hearsay and hearsay within hearsay by another…

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

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