Well, I’m Just Gonna Stick This Right Here

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Bill Schmalfeldt isn’t just a liar anymore.

Pontificator Eeek

He’s also a plagiarist and, as we’ve all believed for a long time, almost certainly a copyright thief.  It was pretty ironic that his “Pontificator” blog post today railed against some anonymous schmo from Alpharetta who probably clicked the wrong mouse button when there was a real bad guy so close at hand.

As pretty much everyone who reads this knows, Mr. Schmalfeldt has sued in the federal district court in Wisconsin Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson, who are represented by Aaron Walker.  I’ve been helping Aaron from time to time as a paralegal, happily working under his excellent supervision.  So today one of Bill’s filings showed up on PACER that struck an odd note as I looked at it.

Motion Caption

No, it wasn’t the grotesque and cumbersome title.  It was a paragraph- No. 15- in the motion that sounded really coherent and well…

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Well, I’m Just Gonna Stick This Right Here

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