I do believe I will ask for a gag order.

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Just some of it:BILL ANVILHe claims that a man from Westminster, Maryland is his “Paralegal.” The man is a retired NASA engineer with no legal training. To my understanding, Maryland has no licensing regulations for paralegals. But my understanding is that the attorney is responsible for the conduct of his paralegal. This paralegal blogs about this ongoing case every day in derogatory terns regarding me, the plaintiff.

Examples…”Last week, the Cabin Boy™ (His term of endearment for the plaintiff) tried to paint the defendants’ response to his introduction of Brett Kimberlin’s declaration and other non-germane filings associated with his attempt to have their defense counsel removed from his LOLsuit VI.There’s still time to stock up on popcorn or other suitable refreshments. Popcorn, Jujubes, Raisinettes, Junior Mints, and Twizzlers are all available from Amazon.Tick, tock.”

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I do believe I will ask for a gag order.

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