Now Just *Who* is Running a Cult?

BILLY SEZ - Adventures in Bill Schmalfeldt's Pretendy Land Internet Courtroom. All Rise!

After several pointings and laughings both here and here The Cabin Boy decided to Schmal-splain himself about his use of the word “obtuse” which apparently my lawyer was supposed to have known that that was the ONLY way Bill meant obtuse and not possibly the more common usage used when not talking about geometry. It can be found here. Makes me wonder who is the one being obtuse, but never mind that.

The post over at Hogewash was appropriately updated to note that Bill was being like Humpty-Dumpty, saying that words mean what he wants them to mean and only that. Never mind that people reading them might actually form a different opinion that is perfectly correct since he didn’t give them his mental word flow chart. But no, Bill still thinks you are a mental midget if you don’t come to exactly the same conclusion he did. Whatever.

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Now Just *Who* is Running a Cult?

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