Printing Milk Cartons Now

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Brett Kimberlin is evading service of a court document in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. 

It is entirely possible that he has not been living in his mother’s basement at all, but has some other residence.  It might also be true that he’s run away from home, or abducted.

While some folks are looking for him purely to serve him papers, please don’t forget that the little feller might have been taken.  If you know where Brett Kimberlin is, or if you happen to see him, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Dept. at 240-777-7000.

That’s the division related to serving civil notices, like the one Brett has apparently ducked — while telling them “Good luck finding me!”

We tried to find a current picture on the Justice Through Bad Music website, but a search for “Kimberlin” at the sight turned up three articles and no pictures.  So, he’s…

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Printing Milk Cartons Now

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