Uh, Mr. Schmalfeldt? Your reality check bounced…

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Man, how a week flies by when you’re having FUN.  It seems like just yesterday that we were noting that we had been distracted from commenting on the motion for sanctions that Bill Schmalfeldt sent Aaron Walker and, in particular, the post about that situation that Bill shat out last week over on his blog billschmalfeldt.net.

Reality Check 800px

Schmalfeldt’s improper use of the registered trademark (“®”) symbol has been noted elsewhere, so we won’t tarry there1.


Apparently the term “The Worst Attorney Teabagger [sic] ®” in referring to Aaron Walker is a ham-handed setup by Mr. Schmalfeldt so that he can refer to Aaron as “TWAT [sic] ®” through the remainder of his blog post.  When this case is dismissed, I’m sure that this situation will be brought to the attention of the court.  It speaks of the utmost disrespect for the institution of collegial litigation and the profession of…

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Uh, Mr. Schmalfeldt? Your reality check bounced…

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