Those Men in Orange Are Your Brothers

From End Times Bible Prophesy:ISIS beheading Christian men in orange jump suits


There are times when even Christians must stand for what is right and defend themselves, and sometimes it includes killing.  There are times when war is justified, take a look at the old testament. 

If we sit back and ignore the times when we should fight back, are we not also to blame for the heinous atrocities that these evil people commit?  And if our own government resists this call to fight, is it also not to blame?

Knowing that we should do what is right, yet ignoring it, makes us just as guilty as doing the wrong thing!  And by not assisting those who are fighting this evil, we are in fact aiding the enemy.  ISIS is a case in point.  Our governments sit back and watch ISIS perform the most evil, wicked, and heinous acts against humankind, yet they do as little as humanly possible to fight them.  There are people in Iraq willing to step up to the plate and not only defend themselves, but attack this evil enemy ISIS.  Yet, how much aid and assistance are they being given?  Very little I’m afraid.

Where do you stand?

Those Men in Orange Are Your Brothers

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