A Seminary Student Takes on John Hagee

Rev. John Hagee endorsed Trump from the pulpit.  Not in so many words, but it was clear.

From Laced Up Lutheran:

Hagee preaches a gospel message alright. It’s a message of the religion of America first. it’s a religion of empire. It’s the same religion that has been followed by so many in the past. It was the religion of the British empire at its height. It was the religion of Greece and Rome, of Babylon and Egypt. It has been the religion of every empire that ever exist – or would be empire. It’s a religion where the nation is no longer just a nation, but something more. A religion which preaches that the nation and its leader(s) are the savior of the world. A religion that separates those who are chosen (within the empire and supporting the empire) from the damned (everyone else). It’s a religion of us vs. them. It’s a religion that uses God’s name for the benefit of the chosen – wrapping the national flag around God like a cloak. All enemies of this religion must be destroyed because the god of this religion is a wrathful, fearful deity that only understands the language of power. [Okay.  That’s a bit harsh. – Dave]

How do we understand God in the face of what some to believe to be national crisis?  I don’t remember seeing red-letter quotes about immigrants or unisex bathrooms.

Yet I do understand that Christ commanded us to love one another while thousands of years later we’re still struggling with this.

Love your enemy?  Is that how nations should act?  Or was that a command for individuals?

Andf what advice do you have for this seminarian?


A Seminary Student Takes on John Hagee

3 thoughts on “A Seminary Student Takes on John Hagee

  1. oldpoet56 says:

    Well done post, I don’t totally agree with every word, but most of it, yes. It was a good read, thank you for taking the time to post it.


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