Legal LULZ Du Jour


SA201606010124ZYeah, why is it that I’ve had to file nine different motions and other court papers as a non-party in a suit that I’ve already won? Why are other non-parties having to file motions and such? The basic answer to those questions is: Because The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has dragged us non-parties into (or back into) the case.

I’m back in it as a result of the TDPK’s trying to get me sanctioned because I voluntarily complied with a defective subpoena he served on me rather than get in a pissing contest over it—but he was unhappy with what I had to give him, so he moved for sanctions against me. Because of the way he has come after me, I’m now subject to the terms of the federal case’s Protective Order, and I’m obliged to enforce its terms against TDPK for violating the Order by improperly using discovery materials from the federal case in…

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Legal LULZ Du Jour

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