Please Preach Quietly in Scotland

From Christianity Today:

A church minister in Scotland has been arrested for the second time in a week while street preaching.

The Reverend Josh Williamson was arrested last week for “breach of the peace” and again on Saturday in relation to the same charge.

Both arrests occurred while he was preaching on Perth High Street.

After his arrest on Saturday, he was to be held in custody until Monday but was instead released at 9.30pm on Saturday evening after being held for over five hours in the cells.

Mr Williamson said that although he had been released, he was unsure as to whether this was the end of police action against him.
Plus, you mentioned salvation.


“It is hard to tell you what is going to happen as we don’t know,” he told

“At this stage I have been released while the police assess if they will charge me at a later date. I just have to wait to see what happens.

“God-willing I will preach again in the Perth High Street.”

The arresting police officer told Mr Williamson that he was being charged because of a complaint about the volume at which he was preaching.

Everybody raise your hand if you imagine he was preaching too loudly.

From All Along the Watchtower and Geoffrey RS Sales: (You could click and read the whole thing.  That’d be great.)

I have detailed on this blog in the past several cases where street preachers have been arrested by over-officious policemen, and we know that in addition to those Catholic adoption agencies which have closed rather than comply with the Government’s drive on same-sex marriage and adoption, many simply changed their names and went along with it – that is of course in the Apostolic spirit – of Judas Iscariot that is. If Christians do not accept the new definition of marriage and do not comply with these laws, then they have to expect to take the consequences; but since we are not to comply with unjust laws which contravene the word of God, we have not choice. That is one form of bloodless persecution.

I can’t add any more except that this sort of think happens often.  Too often.  We’re keeping an eye out for more of this. – Dave

UPDATE: A U.S. case:

Ricky Moore, a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian from Cedar Hill, says he just wants to have “friendly, nonthreatening conversations about his religious beliefs” along the pathway that cuts through the heart of the Great Lawn in Klyde Warren Park. But he insists park officials, with the city’s help, are keeping him from spreading his message, which is why Moore and the Memphis-based nonprofit Center for Religious Expression are suing the city and Dallas Police Chief David Brown in federal court.

Please Preach Quietly in Scotland

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