I Was an E.G.R. Kid, Too



Have you ever heard the acronym ‘EGR’ before?  I had not heard of it until I was speaking with a parent of a child I have been working with recently.  This child has anger issues that are off the scale.  Whenever things do not seem to go their way, they have been known to sometimes get violent with those around them, or else they may even hurt themselves in a fit of rage.boy

While the parent was explaining to me all of the things their child had broken around the house, including furniture, walls, mirrors, and even doors, they never took their eyes off me and they never seemed in the least like they were distressed over the situation.  They were simply looking for someone to help their child figure out their anger issues.

I mentioned to this parent that although it seemed that things were pretty bad with their child, they seemed to be handling it all very well.

Then the parent told me that their child was simply an “E.G.R.”  child.  So I had to ask what E.G.R. was.


E.G.R. = Extra Grace Required

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I Was an E.G.R. Kid, Too

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