Missed the Point

A very thoughtful article greeted me at Education Week.  I’m sure the author, editor and headline writer had the best of intentions.  They missed the point.

Words like ignorance, discrimination, and terrorism are embedded in our vernacular these days, especially when the conversation is about the LGBT community. Minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, these words are spoken and heard around the kitchen table, in public conversations, and on television.

The politicians come next. They make speeches from airports or the campaign trail, in front of state capitols or in the nation’s capital. Microphones in hand, they make their statements to their constituents. They always begin with their sadness and prayers for the families of the victims, and then they move on to how they would stop the madness. They end with how the other party always gets in the way. Another tragedy, another political opportunity.

Look closely, and you see what is missed.


Missing also is the word Muslim.

Of course, hate and evil are not exclusively Islamic activities.  Christians have engaged in slaughter as well – including in misguided efforts to please God.

Hate and suffering don’t always bear a specific brand.  This one did.

This particular act of terrorism was perpetrated by a man who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, an Islamic militant group responsible for the slaughter of thousands.


Missed the Point

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