Is America a Christian Nation

And what about the freedom of religion?

First, two quotes from the author of the blog deorl:

Christianity, and more specifically its Protestant expressions, often experienced preferential treatment by government for the first two centuries of the founding of the United States of America. The pendulum is swinging the other direction in our time, and with increasing momentum. Now Christian expression is in disfavor, not only with government, but corporations, academic institutions and the media. There is an obvious bias against orthodox Christianity.


The United States is not a Christian nation, if it ever was. However, it can be a nation full of God loving, Bible believing Christians who seek to show the love of Jesus to their fellow Americans, and fellow residents of planet earth. It may be a nation with a government occupied by many Christians who seek to protect the rights of all people, not Christians only, and who seek to keep the marketplace of ideas free of totalitarian laws and leaders so that the Gospel of Jesus may openly compete with other ideas. In fact, Christian faith is always harmed when it is enforced by government coercion.

I don’t want my government sponsoring or supporting a single faith.  In fact, based upon the IRS, congress and the TSA,  I’d predict an early end to Christianity if the government was in charge.

But I do want an even playing field, and freedom of expression for all.  I don’t want Christian groups to need to fight for equal treatment on college campuses, as recently happened at NC State.

I suspect that things will get harder before they get easier.  Watch out for attempts to label religious speech “hate speech.”  Watch here as those examples mount.

Is America a Christian Nation

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