Persecuted Christians Must Know We Are Praying for Them

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom came out with a report identifying places where religious freedom is under fire, in some cases, literally.  Iran was singled out for concern.

Attorney Jay Sekulow’s group ACLJ promises more analysis later, but you know what is going on:

Our international affiliates around the globe know this reality first hand. Our affiliates in Africa, the Middle East and across Europe are on the ground fighting religious persecution everyday. They are standing up against the slaughter of Christians and religious minorities by ISIS. They are fighting for the lives of Pakistani Christians who are facing the death penalty due to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. They are demanding religious liberty for Christians who are facing persecution at the hands of oppressive regimes and radical Islamists.Crosses


Please join me an offering a prayer for these brothers and sisters, and those who don’t share our faith, but who are also being oppressed. And don’t doubt the ability of the fools in America, Canada and the UK to misjudge.  There are clear and strong efforts to marginalize and even criminalize Christian faith.

Am I wrong on that point?  Please weigh in if I’m all wet.  Let me know if you agree.


Persecuted Christians Must Know We Are Praying for Them

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