Why is Trangenderism an Identity

…and Anorexia is a Disorder?

From the Federalist, someone with anorexia explains that the complete need to change one’s body is common to both groups.

We cannot rely on our “feelings,” as strong as they are. If I relied on my feelings, I’d be dead. Why? Because my feelings tell me that eating food means gaining weight, and gaining weight is intolerable. Transgender children are apparently absolutely sure they were born in the wrong body. It is a belief held so deeply that we throw out all the entrenched knowledge of psychology and mental illness to appease it.

People with anorexia can often trace their discomfort with their own bodies back to early childhood, as well. Both situations are abstract feelings that clearly contradict reality. The certainty that one is a woman despite being born a man sounds awfully similar to the conviction that one’s body is overweight even when body-mass index is at starvation levels. The feeling of hunger—the most primal, ingrained of physiological response—impels the individual to abstain. Can you question the depth of that belief?

I have heard Christians compare alcoholism and homosexuality.  I’m not sure any of these comparisons fit, but the speed at which our society has adopted the idea that transgenderism is ‘normal’ is astonishing.

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Why is Trangenderism an Identity

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