Cops Lives Matter


So do black lives, white lives and human lives.

That said, I’m sorry I have not made a bigger deal of the deaths of black men — from all causes.  The media sometimes make it seem that it is open season on black young men.  Because their experiences are vastly different from my own, I cannot imagine the actual rage and fear involved in the deaths of black youths  involved with police.

Young black men die in conflict with police too often.  Most murders of black men are by black men.   By far.  

On the other hand.  There is no justification, no mitigation and no excuse for shooting down police and members of the public.

Black Lives Matters and the many agitators who either love conflict, or who want to benefit from that conflict…those folks should be looking to their consciences today.  They didn’t pull the trigger, but they may have helped fuel the hatred toward police, and white people.


Anthony Baker of The Recovering Legalist says it better:

He wrote it a while back, but reposted his own essay after last night’s shootings. – Dave

Let me reiterate. ALL LIVES MATTER.

Yes, I said it, and I will not back down. Why? Because to do so would be un-biblical and un-Christlike. Regardless how one might want to politicize the issue, as a follower of Jesus, as one who believes God made all mankind in His image, I must stand firmly on Truth, not catchphrases.

Racism is wrong. Bigotry is wrong. And taking a statement that excludes the inherent value of all human life as your mantra is also wrong.

Washington Post

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I would not have agreed on several things, particularly in areas of theology and what is called the “social gospel.” Nevertheless, I believe Dr. King and I would have seen eye-to-eye regarding the “Black Lives Matter” thing. He would have said, “NO! NO! NO!” to all the violence and hatred. I believe he would be heartbroken at all the calls for unrest. He would certainly be ashamed of those who have used race as a tool for their own gain. Was it not Dr. King who envisioned a “color-blind” society?

If a person can’t say that “all lives matter” in public without being condemned, without being forced to apologize, then what does that say about the lives of others? What about my family? What about the Asian family down the road? Or the Indian woman that walks down the street with her husband and son? What about the Native American?


Cops Lives Matter

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