Russia Cracks Down on Religion

According to Christian Today (a British site, not the similarly titled American magazine)

Russia’s new anti-terrorism laws, which include measures imposing sweeping restrictions on Christian evangelising and teaching the faith, have officially come into force.

The ‘Yaroyava’ package, named after their sponsor in the Russian Duma, has been fiercely condemned both by Russian Christians and rights activists and internationally. It makes house churches illegal and limits religious activity to registered buildings.

Russia and the Soviet Union have poor records on human rights in general, so I don’t expect much better.  What does surprise me is this:

However, while the new laws have the potential to be extremely disruptive for Protestant Christians and other religious minorities in Russia, some observers believe their implementation may be patchy. Release International chief executive Paul Robinson said: “Let’s wait and see what actually happens in terms of implementation on the ground. There is often a temptation in these situations to immediately fear the worst.”


I’m too young to have experienced anything like the Holocaust, except through movies.  In every film set in 1930’s Germany there’s always that one Jewish character saying something like “It’s just a star. So, they paint on my shop windows.  Don’t complain.  This will pass.”

Sometimes it just gets worse.

“It’s just a few windows.”





Russia Cracks Down on Religion

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