Is The Western World at War With Islam?

From TheLocal:

1 in 3 Danes believe Denmark is at war with Islam

The survey found that 33 percent of Danes believe that Denmark is at war with Islam, while 56 percent disagree with that view.

The survey asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement that “Denmark, together with the rest of the Western world, is at war with the religion of Islam and not just radicalised Muslims”.

11 percent of the 1,045 respondents answered that they did not know.

The findings were published in the wake of a string of attacks on civilian targets across Europe and the United States in recent weeks, many of which the Middle Eastern terrorist organisation Isis has taken credit for.

An equally important question would be “Is Islam at war with the west?”

As Christians, we are called to love, even our enemies.  Especially our enemies.  I don’t think it is correct to view this current struggle as Islam vs. Christianity.  On the other hand, it may really be a struggle between Anarchy and Civilization.

The statement in the poll was very direct.  A third of Danes thing the Western world is at war with the religion of Islam.  How would you vote?  I actually can’t say “yes” to the poll question, but I can answer “yes” to my followup question in green above.

King James Bible, Matthew 5:44:
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Is The Western World at War With Islam?

One thought on “Is The Western World at War With Islam?

  1. It shouldn’t be a direct yes or no question, IMO. The bad ones are sneaky and the good ones won’t snitch on them; then there’s the fact that every time something horrific happens, ISIS takes credit – so what is the answer? In a war against terrorism – where exactly is that?


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