Either it will end discrimination against LGBT Students…

…or it will force California’s Christian universities to close up shop and move somewhere else. 

This legislation would take away the exemption which Christian institutions have enjoyed.  I can’t pretend that this effort, and ones like it will eventually force Christians to be marginalized as citizens.

Want to be a judge or justice of the peace?  You must follow the brand new guidelines about gay marriage, and when asked about LGBT issues, you better not say anything now considered hate speech.

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You like your church?  Let’s make sure it hires qualified gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender staff.  

Sacramento TV 13 updates us on SB1146:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The conflict between religious freedom and gay rights has a new battleground – California’s religious colleges and universities.

A bill moving through the Legislature would remove a longstanding exemption from anti-discrimination laws for religious institutions, potentially exposing the schools to civil rights lawsuits from students and employees.

Some schools call the measure, SB1146, an attack on their free exercise of religion and say the exemption allows them to craft campus policies in line with their faith.

Currently, religious institutions can assign housing based on sex, not gender identity, and discipline students for violating moral codes of conduct, which can include anti-transgender or strict sexuality provisions.

The bill tries to force schools to “change 2,000-year-old teachings to be in line with LGBT ideology,” said Derry Connolly, president of John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido.

“It’s no longer ‘live and let live.’ It’s ‘If you don’t toe the line with us, we’ll take you to court big time,’” he said.

The law faces an upcoming test in the state Assembly after passing the Senate.

Bill supporters say it would be the first law of its kind in the nation and would create a safe space for LGBT students.

Mandatory confession.  Since I’m called to love even my enemies, I cannot hate those who are not even enemies of mine.  I reject the homosexual lifestyle, while affirming that I want nothing but good things for all people in that place.

We are all sinners.  — Yours in Christ, Dave Alexander

Either it will end discrimination against LGBT Students…

2 thoughts on “Either it will end discrimination against LGBT Students…

  1. It is not about equality but rather a forced acceptance of a lifestyle choice that runs counter to Biblical and Christian belief. We are to love and not judge but at the same time stand firm to the truth when it is called for.
    Love is not allowing people to remain in any kind of sin when we have the opportunity to impact their lives


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