Is ISLAM a Religion?

Some thoughts from PJ Media writer David Solway:

  • It sanctions militant proselytization, mandating forcible imposition on other peoples by coercion, threat and overt violence (Koran 8:39, 9:29, etc.), a practice unique among religions today.
  • It punishes apostasy with death (Koran 4:89; Hadith, Bukhari 9.84.57), also a practice unique among religions today.
  • It countenances no separation between church and state, that is, it cannot render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

We in the US are uncomfortable with discrimination based upon religion, but can we abide with the three ideas above?

As a citizen, I demand that those invited here should have a worldview which will not demand my daughters to wear modest clothing, will not kill those who change religions, and which respects the role of state and religion.

Have I become a bigot?  I don’t think so.  In fact, those who hold three ideas within their hearts are bigger bigots than I will ever be.

The article is quite long, and thoughtful, and is here.


Is ISLAM a Religion?

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