Religious Freedom and Freedom to Worship

Kim Davis’ Imprisonment Was Just the Warmup

David Lane in Charisma News: Kim Davis

Greg Baker, my friend and a key leader of The Family Leader in Iowa, wrote the following words about our mutual friend Michael Demastus, the pastor of Fort Des Moines Church of Christ. As you may know, this church has been in the news recently, due to the court battle in which it is engaged, to ensure religious freedom for churches in the Hawkeye State.

“America’s court system is openly disregarding religious freedom in favor of freedom of worship alone. ‘Freedom of worship’ historically means you may practice what you believe within your church setting, but you cannot practice that faith in the public arena. “Freedom of religion” allows you to live out your faith in all aspects. Our courts today still stand for freedom of worship, but they call religious freedom “discrimination.”

Beware the calls of ‘hate speech’ and ‘discrimination’ tossed about.  These words don’t mean what they seem, and are just a way to keep Christian and Jewish religious belief out of the public square.  I will not abandon my Christ or His teaching when I leave the church building.

I don’t expect those who carry different beliefs to bow down to my God, accept my vision, or give up just ’cause God said so.  But neither will I.  We’ve all heard that nature abhors a vacuum.  Eliminate God from American discourse, and you will see something terrible take His place.  In fact, it is already happening.  _  Yours in Christ, Dave Alexander

Religious Freedom and Freedom to Worship

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