Your Honor, I Plead Imbecility

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A few month ago, I wrote about a defendant in a case for stating plainly in a court document something like “Ferguson can’t quite understand…”

Image result for samaritan snareTeam Kimberlin, Acme Law

I called it a plea of imbecility.  

There has been a similar claim of ignorance of courthouse vocabulary by another pro se defendant in a suit filed by John Hoge.  Details here.

Despite suing several people, defending himself — and sometimes not defending himself — from nine Peace/Restraining Orders, this defendant has apparently decided that not only is ignorance bliss, but ignorance of legal terminology is a good defense.

It isn’t.  

Please, please.  If John Hoge is suing you, get a lawyer.  

Alternatively, fight it yourself, but plan on having to add to your existing skill set. Learn the law.  Try to avoid insulting people in your motions.   Pay attention to due dates.  Look for misspelled words in…

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Your Honor, I Plead Imbecility

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