Reminder of My Past Sins and Crimes

As I try to do every quarter, I post publicly my sins and crimes from my past on my blog/Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I am a convicted felon, having been convicted in Federal court of two counts of Bank Fraud for depositing checks totalling over 4 million dollars in my personal accounts at a federally insured bank and a federally insured credit union via checks sent to my by my business partner Hussein Fawaz, a citizen of Lebanon with which I was engaged in creating a business based in Kuwait to service a proposed contract with the Kuwait Ministry of Defense. I had supplied the original funding for this effort ($3.5 million USD) and the checks he sent me were repayment of that amount, supposedly from other investors. Those cashiers checks he sent me, drawn on the National Bank of Kuwait, turned out to be fraudulent. I was arrested and detained for 26 months before accepting a proffer from the US Attorney’s office to plead guilty to the two counts of bank fraud and four counts of uttering a false security for depositing said checks and trying to negotiate two others. To my knowledge, I am the only person arrested and prosecuted for this crime. I served a total of 33 months in custody, the first 26 months in a county detention facility in Kentucky, then 7 months in a minimum security Federal work camp in Pensacola Florida where I suffered a heart attack and I acquired my first five cardiac stents. This resulted in the Bureau of Prisons to declare my fully disabled and I was released to a halfway house in Tampa for the remainder of my incarceration. I was released from the halfway house to my home with an ankle monitor on house arrest after 22 days and fully released from incarceration/house arrest a month later, to begin my supervised release period of 5 years, which was successfully completed on 28 Feb of this year and I was released from all supervision a I had successfully completed my sentence and was considered a free man once again.

There used to be a Wikipedia page with all the allegation and half-truths levelled against me but that disappeared a few months ago. I used to link to that page and tell everyone to go look at it, i cannot do so any longer.

I have publicly confessed many times over, my involvement in Iraq, my deceptions and cons, the fact that years ago I ‘floated’ some checks and got caught and paid restitution and served some county jail time.

All these things, the attendant lies and sinful behaviors I have confessed to my confessors and been absolved. I have satisfied the requirements of both civil and ecclesiastical authorities regarding my sins and crimes.

Having said this I pray: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner.

If anyone wishes more information or a deeper and more concise of my past, you are welcome to email me at for a more concise and detailed confession of my acts. I shall respond in the spirit you ask me. I know there are haters out there who will jump at the chance to further denigrate me and my family, they will be ignored.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Reminder of My Past Sins and Crimes