FBI Warning People on ISIS Kill Lists

From Robert Spencer’s JihadWatch:

“FBI Makes Warning Visits to US Christians on Jihadist ‘Kill Lists,’” by Bill Bray, ASSIST News Service, July 31, 2016:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is interviewing Americans whose names have recently appeared on “Kill Lists” on a Jihadist website

Among them are “many” Christians involved in international student welcome ministries or who are helping Muslim refugees settle in the United States.

The FBI visits are not related to the killing of an 86-year-old French priest by two young terrorist supporters of Islamic State, also known as ISIS, on Wednesday, as he led prayer in a Normandy church. The FBI visits were already underway before the priest was murdered.

No Americans on the Islamic State “Kill Lists” have been successfully targeted and killed as Rev. Jacques Hamel was last Wednesday. However, the FBI is advising those whose names are on these “Kill Lists” to take precautions and report anything suspicious.

Stay safe.  






FBI Warning People on ISIS Kill Lists

Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, do you pledge to help persecuted Christians if you win?

David Curry is the President of Open Doors USA. This is from Fox News:

In April of 2014, 276 women were kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria by Boko Haram. They were taken from a school and held as prisoners or sold as sex slaves.

In May of that same year, First Lady Michelle Obama posted online a photo of her holding a sign encouraging us to #bringbackourgirls.

Many people at the time sensed that it marked the beginning of something different in foreign policy. But what exactly? Why would the first lady of the United States need hashtag diplomacy to move a country to action when the Obama administration was in power and presumably had the ability to influence action?

Perhaps Mrs. Obama was simply trying to raise public awareness of an important issue. But the question remains: why didn’t the United States government put more action behind the appeal to #bringbackourgirls

It didn’t work.

Neither of the leading candidates in the 2016 presidential campaign has seriously addressed the issue of the persecution of Christians around the world and its impact on religious freedoms as a whole.

I’d say the entire issue of religious freedom has slipped off the political radar.  I claim no special status for Christians, except to say that they are being slaughtered by this century’s monsters — ISIS.  I pray for religious freedom and personal liberty for all the people of the world, regardless of their faith.

Read the whole thing.

Freedom of religion is a canary in the coal mine for other freedoms. When this fundamental freedom is extinguished, all other freedoms are at imminent risk. — David Curry

Dear Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, do you pledge to help persecuted Christians if you win?

Is The Western World at War With Islam?

From TheLocal:

1 in 3 Danes believe Denmark is at war with Islam

The survey found that 33 percent of Danes believe that Denmark is at war with Islam, while 56 percent disagree with that view.

The survey asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement that “Denmark, together with the rest of the Western world, is at war with the religion of Islam and not just radicalised Muslims”.

11 percent of the 1,045 respondents answered that they did not know.

The findings were published in the wake of a string of attacks on civilian targets across Europe and the United States in recent weeks, many of which the Middle Eastern terrorist organisation Isis has taken credit for.

An equally important question would be “Is Islam at war with the west?”

As Christians, we are called to love, even our enemies.  Especially our enemies.  I don’t think it is correct to view this current struggle as Islam vs. Christianity.  On the other hand, it may really be a struggle between Anarchy and Civilization.

The statement in the poll was very direct.  A third of Danes thing the Western world is at war with the religion of Islam.  How would you vote?  I actually can’t say “yes” to the poll question, but I can answer “yes” to my followup question in green above.

King James Bible, Matthew 5:44:
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Is The Western World at War With Islam?

Does a Shepherd Have an Obligation to the Sheep?

Especially when he supports policies which support the importation of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

A secular article about recent attacks in Europe questions the Pope’s attitude toward Islam:

Pope Francis, whose liberal views on Muslim migrants are well known, condemned the atrocity. But The Pope is an enormously influential personality whose opinions carry extraordinary weight and persuasive moral authority. Yet he has inexplicably chosen to adopt a viewpoint that has Europe teetering on the brink and could very well lead to its demise.

It is a virtual certainty that many of the Muslim migrants are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of ISIS or otherwise harbor extremist Islamist views and are just one degree of separation from full-fledged murderers. Indeed, many of the recent attacks, including last year’s Paris attacks that claimed the lives of 130, were perpetrated by individuals who claimed refugee status and sought asylum.

Does a Shepherd Have an Obligation to the Sheep?

They Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’

Il n’y a pas de plus grand amour que de donner sa vie pour ses amis .  Jn 15:13 *

The Daily Mail:

Elderly priest, 86, is ‘beheaded’ by two ISIS knifemen shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ after they took nuns and worshippers hostage at French church: Police shoot both attackers dead then search for bombs

  • Priest had throat cut while another hostage is fighting for life after knifemen burst into Normandy church at 9am
  • Reports that one of the attackers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they launched attack at Gambetta Church near Rouen
  • Vatican has condemned the ‘barbaric’ killing of the 86-year-old priest and an anti-terror investigation is underway
  • ISIS claim responsibility for the atrocity while Francois Hollande says France is ‘at war’ with the terror group
  • One attackers lived locally and had electronic tag having been jailed in France for trying to travel to Syria in 2015

Father Jacques Hamel is a martyr for Christ.   Sadly, the people of the free world may not be able to help the masses of refugees from Islamic nations, as the price is too high.

What is the solution?

*There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13

They Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’

Don’t Anger the Muslims

The Gatestone Institute has tracked Islam in the West very well, and the latest report chronicles Islam’s influence on free speech.

But many Muslim bodies — notably the 57-member-state Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) — have been working hard for years to render Islam the only religion, political system and ideology in the world that may not be questioned with impunity. They have tried — and are in many respects succeeding — to ring-fence Islam as a creed beyond criticism, while reserving for themselves the right to condemn Christians, Jews, Hindus, democrats, liberals, women, gays, or anyone else in often vile, even violent language. Should anyone say anything that seems to them disrespectful of their faith, he or she will at once be declared an “Islamophobe.”

They make the point that this is not about speech that supports racism, violence toward Muslims, or even bigotry.  The current state of free speech in western countries is that if one speaks against any aspect of Islam, then Muslims complain about ‘hate speech’ and the left joins in.

If Islam was in fact a ‘religion of peace,’ I’d still have a problem with this anti-free speech stance.Qur'an page 1

But of course, it is not peaceful at times.  The occasional violent act reinforces the notion that one shouldn’t anger the Muslims.  I recently read a forum post which made this very point about someone who encouraged others to draw Mohammed.  The writer asked something like ‘how many non-Muslims will die because Americans were inspired to defame Mohammed by drawing his face?’  The message of course it clear: Don’t anger the Muslims.

Even if Islam never raised a hand, I’d reject the censorship which seems to accompany the advance of the religion into the west.  No, we will not make special rules for the behavior of people toward Islam, nor should we allow Islam to dictate the freedoms open to all people in the free world.

Don’t Anger the Muslims

The New York Times Thinks You Pulled The Trigger

The Times Editorial in part:

As families began planning funerals for the victims of Sunday’s rampage at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., gay Americans mourned a loss that extended beyond the lives cut short.

Omar Mateen shattered the tenuous, hard-fought sense of personal safety that many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans have begun to feel as the movement for equality has made significant gains in recent years. His bullets and the blood he left behind that early morning were a reminder that in many corners of the country, gay and transgender people are still regarded as sinners and second-class citizens who should be scorned. [Emphasis mine. — Dave]

While the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear, it is evident that Mr. Mateen was driven by hatred toward gays and lesbians.

The Federalist fires back:  

Here’s who the New York Times blames, in order: Republican politicians, Republican-led state legislatures, Republican governors, Republican federal lawmakers, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, anyone who believes in traditional marriage, anyone who’s ever voted to preserve traditional marriage, and anyone who has ever voted for anyone who believes in or has voted to preserve traditional marriage.

To review: Sunday morning an individual shot more than a hundred people in a gay nightclub in Orlando.  49 died.  He apparently visited the club himself, and may have picked up men for sex.  He was a Muslim, whose father spoke out against gays.  Islam is clear that homosexuality is unacceptable.  His faith does not insist upon what most Americans would call ‘traditional marriage.’  Polygamy and child brides exist in Islam.

There is absolutely no evidence that pressure over a transsexual bathroom ban, harsh words about homosexuality from a fundamentalist preacher, or political influences caused him to kill people.  I don’t believe even The New York Times editorial board could possibly believe what they wrote.


We should all redouble our efforts to spread the love of Christ.  At the same time do not be afraid to advocate in the public square.  Your faith does not disqualify you from speaking out for your country.  If anything, your faith demands that you speak to others about the challenges we face.  I pray we support each other in this. — Dave


The New York Times Thinks You Pulled The Trigger

Missed the Point

A very thoughtful article greeted me at Education Week.  I’m sure the author, editor and headline writer had the best of intentions.  They missed the point.

Words like ignorance, discrimination, and terrorism are embedded in our vernacular these days, especially when the conversation is about the LGBT community. Minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, these words are spoken and heard around the kitchen table, in public conversations, and on television.

The politicians come next. They make speeches from airports or the campaign trail, in front of state capitols or in the nation’s capital. Microphones in hand, they make their statements to their constituents. They always begin with their sadness and prayers for the families of the victims, and then they move on to how they would stop the madness. They end with how the other party always gets in the way. Another tragedy, another political opportunity.

Look closely, and you see what is missed.


Missing also is the word Muslim.

Of course, hate and evil are not exclusively Islamic activities.  Christians have engaged in slaughter as well – including in misguided efforts to please God.

Hate and suffering don’t always bear a specific brand.  This one did.

This particular act of terrorism was perpetrated by a man who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, an Islamic militant group responsible for the slaughter of thousands.


Missed the Point

Apparently now ISIS Has Gone and Done It!

Tom Quiner points out that Hillary Clinton has condemned the Orlando attack in strong terms, but has not mentioned a group facing extinction.

By Tom Quiner

Speaking in Cleveland, she reacted to this weekend’s tragic massacre in Orlando at the hands of another Islamic terrorist.

A couple of things hit me. Here is one:

“In the Middle East, ISIS is attempting a genocide of religious and ethnic minorities. They are slaughtering Muslims who refuse to accept their medieval ways. They are beheading civilians, including executing LGBT people. They are murdering Americans and Europeans, enslaving, torturing and raping women and girls.”

What is missing from this list? Christians. ISIS is targeting Christians. Those who haven’t been burned, beheaded, or brutalized have fled. The Mideast, the home of Christianity, is increasingly devoid of Christians. Catholic churches have beisis-beheading-libya.jpgen burned, seized, and converted to mosques.

I can’t really say if the world has noticed the killings of Christians in the Middle East, but I have.  I’ve also noted the lack of urgency concerning this amazing turn of events.

Christianity is being driven from it’s cradle.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about condemning the horrors which ISIS  has perpetrated around the world.  Nothing wrong with taking special note that this latest barbarity was committed by someone whose religion demands that gays be killed.

I would only ask the world to remember that all victims of this death cult are God’s creation.  The Christians of the Middle East, the individuals marked for death by their sexual practices, and the people who just happen to be the ‘wrong kind of Muslim’ all deserve our prayers.


Apparently now ISIS Has Gone and Done It!