Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 1

BILLY SEZ - Adventures in Bill Schmalfeldt's Pretendy Land Internet Courtroom. All Rise!

Over the past few years of observing his behavior, I have been struck by something about who Bill Schmalfeldt is: He is a Gamma.

Everybody knows about the usual types of males that are out there. The inordinately popular Alpha; the fun to be around Beta; the average dude Delta; the lone wolf Sigma; the loser Omegas; the gay Lambdas. But the other classification, the Gamma, is where Bill Schmalfeldt solidly finds himself.

Vox Day succinctly describes the Gamma thusly:

Gammas – the obsequious ones, the posterior puckerers, the nice guys who attempt to score through white-knighting, faux-chivalry, flattery, and omnipresence. All men except true Alphas will occasionally fall into Gamma behavior from time to time.

So for the next several days I’ll be exploring the world of the Gamma and the things Bill does to land himself in it. I’ll be using things Bill has posted in the last six months, so…

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Bill Schmalfeldt, Gamma: Part 1

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