Toddler’s Guide to Orthodox Parents

The Onion Dome

TACOMA — God exists outside time, therefore all times are the time to loudly raise our voice to the Lord. Parents might say that it’s not appropriate to be loud at all times, but we know better. This is why most of the liturgy is written in the present tense. Follow this guide for proper education of Orthodox parents on the importance of the “holy noise” Father Alexander Schmemann talked about in his final sermon. Here are some tips:

“Silent wrist tug” is a perfect game to play with other toddlers, because you can build quite a bit of excitement before making noise, which your parents will barely tolerate. Then, all involved can shriek and giggle when the sermon begins.

Focus noisemaking on the quiet parts of the liturgy, and behave well during the loud hymns. Other adults will think judgmental things about your parents, but your parents know that…

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Toddler’s Guide to Orthodox Parents

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